Buy a blue card (ANDANTE) at a vending machine, placed at each metro station. The ANDANTE costs 0,60€ and you only have to buy it once - this is your card to keep and (re)charge with any tickets/titles you need.

 Select the zone of Porto and/or Maia in which you would like to travel and charge the ANDANTE with as many journeys (titles) as you like inside that zone (check the zone list on the side of the vending chine). The titles allow you to travel a certain time, according to the areas they include.

To travel between Porto city downtown and the University Institute of Maia (ISMAI):


From the metro stations located at Porto downtown (São Bento or Aliados), take the yellow line (direction Polo Universitario) and change line at the station Trindade to the green line (ISMAI). Select a Z4. Each title costs 2.00€.

To travel between the airport (Aeroporto) University Institute of Maia (ISMAI) take the purple line and change line at the station Fonte do Cuco. At Fonte do Cuco take the green line to ISMAI. Select a Z2 title. Each title costs 1.20€.

Always validate your ANDANTE ticket when you start your travel and when you change to another line or vehicle.

If you wish a simpler system, you have two options:


Buy an ANDANTE 24 ticket, with which you can travel during 24 hours after the first validation within the zones you choose. This is a non-rechargeable ticket. It costs 4,15€ for a Z2, 5,50€ for a Z3 and 6,90€ for a Z4.

Buy an ANDANTE TOUR ticket according to the number of days you are staying in Porto. The ANDANTE TOUR ticket allows you to travel in every line and zone by metro or bus (STCP company) as many times as you like (funicular and trams not included). You can purchased an ANDANT TOUR ticket at any tourism station in Porto, at the airport and at every ANDANTE store. You can choose between two options:

  1. Andante Tour 1 – 24 hours validity after the first validation (7€)

  2. Andante Tour 3 – 72 hours validity after the first validation (15€)

For more information about Metro in Porto, visit


There are taxi stands by most of the main squares in Oporto, or you may call the following numbers to have one pick you up at a certain location at a scheduled time: 

Raditaxis: +351 225 073 900 
Taxis Invicta: +351 225 076 400
Taxis Porto: +351 918 888 600; +351 933 544 838; +351 965 886 532